Monday, June 2, 2014

Something Wonderful, how to make this mini album tutorial by Cheri Piles

Hey everyone, How about a free little mini album class today on how to create this book??? Yeah, I thought you might like it!

Here are the supplies you will need for this book:
Papers: Alpha, The Story, Geometric, Black wood, Black stripes, Alpha Print,  Floral, Cards.
Embellishments: Chipboard, photo overlays, wood, brads, decorative tape.

To prep for your book, pull your wood pieces out and paint them and set aside to dry. I used the numbers, heart, wonderful  & Love deeply: painted red. Story time I painted black.

This diagram shows you how to cut and fold your papers to create all of your base pages. You can right click on it, save picture as and print it out. Cut all of your pages as shown, corner round outside right corners. Then put them in page order - Cover: The Story, pg 2 - Alpha's side down, pg 3 - Alpha print, pg 4 - Floral, pg 5 - Black stripes down, pg 6 wood grain down, pg 7 geometric and back cover. All of your pages you will fold on left side 1/2" and adhere them together creating your spine, page 2 and 7 you will center on your page (one inch from top and bottom).

On the cover I added my wood numbers 3/4" from bottom using the clear adhesive from the Teresa Collins adhesive kit from Xyron. Chipboard: Something Wonderful, snapshots. I added the "YOU" brad using a foam square from the Teresa Collins Adhesive kit from Xyron. I added a little bling and flower from my stash.

Create a grouping using brads and a chipboard tag on the inside cover. Cut the "Live laugh love" quote from the cards paper, corner round all corners and add to the front of the flap on page two.

Add your photo to the inside of the flap. Add a small brad to the center of the photo overlay flower and adhere your overlay to your photo using the clear adhesive from the TC adhesive kit from Xyron. (I used the clear adhesive on all of my overlays - I love it!!!) Cut the "&" from your cards and corner round all the corners, Add "I love this" from your chipboard in upper right corner, add brad just under then adhere entire card to your inside flap.
Add the heart brad to center of chipboard banner and add to upper left of back of page two. Add the black and white chipboard scalloped border to your flap. Adhere your photo to your page, add the Wonderful You photo overlay over your photo. Add some tape to the left of your page. Add the bingo chipboard banner between your fold and the tape even with the top of the alpha page.
Add a photo center on your left page. Add tape above and below your photo. Add "wonderful" chipboard word to center left of tape above photo. On the front right of flap cut the center borders from the cards paper 4"l x 5"w and adhere to center of flap. Add tape to top and bottom of borders. Add "happy" brad to center of "reel" chipboard. Adhere to page with right side overlapping (use powder to "unstick" the part that is overhanging the edge.) 

Punch a half circle out of center of wood grain paper and adhere to floral paper creating a pocket. Add the wood heart and "wonderful" wood word to front of pocket. Tags: Words paper - creat tag, cut "notes" card out from cards paper and adhere to upper left of tag, add chipboard camera tag to tag hole, add "map" brad to center of tag hole. Striped tag: Add "today" card from cards paper to upper left of tag. Add doted chipboard tag to center of tag hole and add the camera brad to center of tag.  Add photo to inside right of flap, add tape to left of photo.

Add brads to chipboard ticket holes and add to upper left of left page. Add photo under the chipboard ticket. Add "documented" chipboard word to upper left of photo. Corner round right side of  yellow chevron chipboard and add to front flap of right page. Add photo under first row of squares, add photo overlay "love deeply, laugh out lot, live passionately" to your photo. 

Add photo to center of left page. Add "this is something wonderful" chipboard to upper left of photo. Add small black brad to center of floral chipboard and adhere, overlapping word strip using foam squares. Cut 5" x 4" from center border strips and adhere to center front of flap on right side with hearts side up. Add 4" x 3 1/2" photo to right of hearts paper. Trim "Be happy" photo overlay to size and adhere over photo. Add "right now" chipboard to upper right of flap. Add "wonderful" chipboard under left of photo. Over lap "&" chipboard circle using foam squares over bottom left creating a grouping. 

 Punch a half circle in center of floral paper to create a pocket. Add "Memory, tag" brad to upper right of pocket. Add "Love" chipboard overlapping tag and then adhere floral paper creating a pocket to your striped page. Adhere "story time" wood to upper left of page. TAGS: Geometric paper add today card to upper left of tag, add layered circles brad to center of tag hole. Dotted paper add "the story" card to upper left of tag, add striped chipboard to center of tag hole, add yellow brad to center of tag. Add photo to inside right flap, add tape to left of photo. 

Add photo even with the next page - I love this look how it makes the page look even longer with the flap from the next page!! Add "this photo" chipboard to upper left of page.

Add brad to center of card "Wake up... " corner round corners and adhere to front flap. Adhere "NO.1" chipboard banner even with top of this page to the back page.

Corner round paint chip card, add black and white brad to lower right of card and adhere card to inside flap. Adhere "love deeply" wood piece to top of card.  Adhere photo to page. Trim and adhere geometric photo overlay to fit over photo. 

I hope you enjoyed the book and are inspired to create one of your very own. I love creating fun little mini books like this using this binding technique. You don't need rings or coils and it just adds a little something different to your collection. 

Have a great week!! ~Cheri


  1. This is just wonderful!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. This is sooo aawesome....your such a great inspiration...Thank you for sharing! Guess what I'm making this week...eeekkk so exciting..Again Thank you Cheri! Look forward to your mini books!

  3. Love this! I am adding this to my list of upcoming projects.

  4. So amazing! What a wonderful tutorial!!


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