Thursday, December 6, 2012

december list book by Julie

Now I like a good list.
If YOU like lists, I'm sure you of the best things about making lists, is crossing stuff off of them.
(It's probably close to much I like the crossing off part.)

It's December.  The month of lists.
Party lists.  Food lists.  School event lists.  Regular life that just keeps on going lists.  Christmas shopping lists.  Naughty/Nice lists.  What have you bought for who lists.  Stocking lists.  
Wouldn't it be cool if you could keep them all in one place?

But wait!  You can! (said in my best infomercial voice...)

I used a kraft Moleskine book...I think I got it at Barnes & Noble.
Then I added some Christmas Cottage paper to the front.
I used the red dot washi tape up in the corner...and then added the stickers, just so there was no mistake over whose book of lists it was. ha.

The dooded up piece in the middle is just patterned paper and one of those cute Bingo cards (cut out).
Add a glitter border strip and the joy & delight and December die cuts.
The hexagon stickers are tucked in behind.  Then add the brad.

I sewed here and there on the edges to finish it off.
Confession time:  I tried sewing around the whole edge of the book.  It ended up looking like I was sewing under the influence.  My corners looked terrible......Soooo, on attempt #2, I decided just to sew a little here and there.

I finished the cover off with red & white baker's twine in the binding.
Here's the inside:

I added some more patterned paper...and then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a place for receipts?
So I added the envelope.  (After making it pretty.)
Because I wouldn't want my book to get all squashed up in my purse without being pretty first.

There you go.  A place for all your lists.
Groceries...don't to get...cookies to make... :)
And receipts too.  Because I can never find those darn things after Christmas when I need them.



  1. Great littel book Julie! Cute design and love the use of all the elements. My first thought too though was it would get smashed in my purse, and I definitely would forget to put the receipts in the envelope each time!!!

    1. I was the same way...I just had to make it a habit! ugh...
      thanks! :)

  2. Love this Julie! I love the idea of reciepts - look back years from know to see what you bought and what the prices were way back when!

  3. This is great! Glad you weren't really sewing under the influence!! That can be dangerous for your fingers...not that I know anything about that personally!

    1. ha! no, it only looked like it! I should have known better...corners don't like me!

  4. Great idea...i think i might just scrap lift this my friend!

    1. you need a senior year list book yvonne! :)

  5. This is absolutely great! I love the addition of a pocket on the back of the cover page.


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