Friday, September 14, 2012

Washi Tape Covered Candle and Pomander

Happy Friday!

  Autumn is by far my favorite time of  year and it's definitely in the air. The leaves are changing into their vibrant oranges, reds and yellows and the mornings are starting to get chilly.  I thought I'd share a couple  fall home decor projects  today using the gorgeous Vintage Finds collection to get you in the mood for autumn!  (Don't kill me if you're hating to see summer end!)

The first is a washi tape covered candle. I used a battery operated candle because I'm sure using washi tape on real candle wouldn't go over too well with melting wax. Simply take your  tape and wrap it around the candle. I sprayed the top of the candle with spray adhesive and sprinkled a little glitter on it until the top was completely covered.

I then painted the candlestick and let it dry. Black tulle was wrapped around the candlestick, tied into a bow and embellished with a pennant sticker and medallion. Glue the candle to the top of the candlestick using E6000 and let dry.

For the pomander, I used my good ol' Cricut basic flower shape (you could also use a flower punch) and cut out several flowers using two different patterns of the Vintage Finds collection. Pin the flowers onto the styrofoam ball using pearl tipped pins and repeat until the ball is covered. 


Spray the candlestick with spray adhesive, cover it with glitter and shake off the excess. Tie a strip of tulle around the candlestick and embellish with chipboard buttons, a brad, pennant sticker, and a medallion. Glue the styrofoam ball to the top of the candlestick and let dry.

And there you have it! Fun and simple projects for an elegant and impressive display.
Thanks for stopping by and have a creative weekend!

Supplies: Vintage Finds; Pattern Paper: Titles, Music;  Stickers;  Medallions; Brads; Washi Tape; Chipboard Elements.
Craft Supplies- Candlesticks, tulle, glitter, styrofoam ball, flameless candle, pearl tipped pins.


  1. What a beautiful, inexpensive way to decorate. Ideas like this make it affordable to change decor on a whim. Great projects!

  2. these are beautiful Rachel! I lOVE the covered candle with the tape, great idea!!

  3. love the candle. What a great way to add to your decor


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