Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Possibilities Layout by Dedra Long

AAhhh. The Tell Your Story Collection. Whats not to love about all of it, from the journaling cards paper, to the glitter border pieces, to the acrylic stamps! 99.9 percent of the time I'm documenting my husband or our very active and growing girls, but today I created a layout about something that has become super important in my life. This collection is about "telling your story", which inspired me.
It also helps that I have been taking photos of my journey, especially when I first started cycling.

Apparently, when I have a lot of journaling, hidden and interactive is the way for me to go right now. I loved all the various journaling and title cards that come in this collection.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So many great techniques used here. I appreciate new ideas and will be adding some to all of my mini book projects. I've become TC product obsessed.

  2. I love your journaling tags, those are so great!


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