Tuesday, September 11, 2012

love THIS...layout by Julie Jacob

Or.  My alternate layout title.....Holy cow, that is ORANGE.
Rest assured, it's not the paper.  It's my lack of light-mastering/photo-editing skills.
The paper is amazing.  It's the whole "it's not you, it's me" thing.

This layout was a little out of the box for me.  I know I said that before...with 8 1/2x11.
This one is 10x10.  I am just throwing caution to the wind here.
And....egads.  I have a little photo sticking precariously off the edge of the layout.

Do you ever make a layout...think that it's done...and then you look at it later and say, "Why didn't I _____________________????"  That's me, with this layout.  I do love it.  But I look at it now and think "Why didn't I do some cool journaling lines and journal in the bottom left?"  You know, channel some Stacey Michaud, with her amazing hand writing...(I totally have hand writing envy) ...and put a little of the story to paper.
I think I will add it in.  Or maybe...like accidentally...this layout will get mailed to Stacey.  And then she could write on it for me.
I know...I KNOW!  You're supposed to embrace your hand writing.  It's YOU.  It's what your children will want to see someday.  I just wish mine was artsier.  Cooler.
Sigh.  Like Stacey's.  :)

Can I just say how much I love these layered flowers?  I painted these, but you could ink them...distress them, mist them...sew on them, make garlands out of them...

More painting.  I like to ink too...but I have more color options with acrylic paint.  

One quick little FYI...if you have a project to share using TC goodness...you can post it to the Teresa Collins Designs Facebook page...or on this post.  We love seeing what you make! :)


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