Thursday, March 29, 2012

You are perfect to me Layout by Jamie Harder

In my world lately, we are dealing with my sweet girl's frustrations when she is not immediately successful at something she is new to.  She is a bit of a "perfectionist" and I am trying to get her to understand that "perfection" is not the goal.  I want her to know that she should feel safe to try new things and know that with hard work and practice she can do anything!  I want her to know that she is not "perfect" but that she will always be "perfect" to me!

Now I typically have a very clean style but I wanted for the theme of this page to show some "imperfection" if you will.  So I cut out a flower from the Spring Fling collection and I crumpled it up into a ball. And that felt good.  But I didn't stop there.  Nope..I got out my sandpaper and I scratched it all up.   There.  Perfectly imperfect.

I challenged myself on this layout to use bits and pieces I had and I ended up mixing three collections on this layout; Spring Fling, Fabrications and Everyday Poetry.  So let your imaginations run wild and see what you create!


  1. Gorgeous layout... I have a perfectionist too, good luck!

  2. I love the imperfection you tried to show here...great support of your page topic


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