Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Idea by Stacey Michaud

So, I posted a few days ago about using bold pops on a page and how it can make an impact!  Well, the word "bold" found its way into my thoughts.  I couldn't help but to repeat that word and dream up other ideas based on it.  Call it a game of association.

I found myself thinking of the word when I went to scrap the photo on the layout below.  It is of my daughter wearing a full purple outfit...head to toe, boots and all.  I am no Rachel Zoe, but I would say that a little contrast or neutral would do her good. I will be forgiving though, since she is only five.

She didn't think twice of wearing all that purple, a hue that makes a statement.  Never mind that one piece of said clothing is a fluffy tutu.  We went to the grocery store and Target.  She pranced around BOLDLY, with confidence.  She wore it well.

I knew the layout for this photo should be bold as well.  Hence, the title.  I am in love with the purple in the Fabrications collection.  I had to use little pops to compliment her outfit.

It is an easy design to recreate.  I used a cream cardstock as a neutral base.  I added the thick purple strip along the side.  A smaller strip of blue and the block of the floral add layers.  I topped it with the scalloped border from the die-cuts. 

Here are the details for creating the title cluster:

I placed a tag die-cut under the strips and placed the ornate circle on top to match the circles along the right side of the layout.  Another die-cut border gives the title a resting place.

I wanted to add some whimsy and fun along the side so I went with circles.  I simply punched a bunch of different sized circles and mixed in some of Teresa's die-cut circles.  I layered that heart and the phrase sticker.  To finish it off, I placed several pieces of bling.

Finally, for one more detail, I added the photo corner.  It visually stops the circles and keeps the eye near the title and words.  I created the photo corner myself.  To see how, look below.

I wanted a layout to match the tones and feel of my daughter's outfit.  I wanted patterns as bold and vibrant as she is!

I wonder where that word will bring me next...


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