Friday, January 27, 2012

Julie's New Favorites

Oh my to pick a favorite from all the new lines coming out! :)
I like something different about each one of this was hard for me.

This is a layout of my daughter...the picture is from a few years ago. I used Fabrications Linen, plus a few other odds & ends.

The stamp I made with the TC Stampmaker.
The little heart banner at the bottom:

I did with the sewing machine. Have you made these? Or am I the last one to the party?
(That happens frequently.)
Just punch out your shape (I used hearts with cream painted kraft cardstock)...
and with just a touch of adhesive, adhere them in a line (with some space in between) on some wax paper.
Then run through the sewing machine. Pull away the wax paper when you're done...and instant super cute banner! :)

On a completely random note...when Sesil said post about our favorites, I have to first thoughts were not exactly scrap-related.
Have you seen this?
I am hooked. I think it's on Monday nights.
Oooh, and this one:

Downton Abbey. Love it.

And another new favorite (from McDonalds...again, it's probably been around for awhile, I'm just late to the party):
The fruit & walnut salad. Like 200 calories, and really yummy. This is quite the glammed up picture. It looks like this when you get it:

So good. :) to catch a plane. I am heading down to CHA today. Can't wait! Planning to post pictures on my blog...


  1. Love the heart banner! Such a sweet layout!

  2. A D O R A B L E!! Julie this is a fab layout!!

  3. such a cute banner!!! Love that!!

  4. such a pretty layout and i LOVE the banner! :)
    and, Alcatraz, you KNOW how i feel about that. :)
    have fun at CHA, i miss you already, my friend.


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