Thursday, January 26, 2012

lists on the go... project by Yvonne

Don't you just love to have a little something special in your purse to keep your lists and important notes on? I just love to make something plain into something cute! I went to Staples and bought some plain note pads and had them cut the pads into three strips so they would be long and skinny. (perfect for grocery lists, wink)

I measured the width of the notebook and doubled the measurement and then added 1/4 of an inch. Then measured the length. So, say it is 2 1/2 by will need to cut a piece of paper to 5 1/4 x 8. Score at the 2 1/2 inch mark on one side and flip it to the other side and do the same. You will have a score two score lines and a 1/4 left in between the two score lines.

Adhere the back of the notebook to the inside back cover and fold around the notepad on the score lines.

Add a piece of decorative paper to the top of the notepad to cover up the not so cute part.

Then decorate the front as you wish. I added a little piece of scrap to the inside of the back of the notepad to make a pen holder, and there you have it, a cute little one of kind notepad.

I just love Teresa's World Traveler is so versatile. Love the elegance and classiness that it just screams!!!

I think they make a cute neighbor gift, hostess gift or even a teacher gift. Hope you enjoy!!!

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  1. Love the project idea Yvonne, so pretty!!

  2. This is so pretty. Almost to pretty to use. LOL I don't think I could put it in my purse. I wouldn't want to mess it up!

  3. beautiful--- I love all the sparkle!!


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