Thursday, October 27, 2011

Haunted Hallows Layouts: Stacey Michaud

What moments will you be capturing this Halloween?  Of course, there are the traditional and much-needed photos of the kiddos in their costumes.  It wouldn't be Halloween if you didn't document what outfits your kids, partners or friends are wearing.  Such is the case with this layout:

I love the patterns in the Haunted Hallows line. I have to tell you that a treat awaits you when you open the 6X6 paper pads.  There is a black chevron paper not found in the 12 X 12 selections (although an orange is!!).  Swoon!  Chevron is so hot right now and this one made me so happy.  Tear a sheet out from the pad and let the top rip a only adds to the effect.  Use the chevron as a main element of your page by moving it to the right of your photos. 

The labels here were all cut from the Poison paper sheet...I love including them as a part of my titles.

To add texture, I placed a piece of the orange tulle under the horizontal border.  It gives the title somewhere to sit.  I also used pieces of the orange trim, being sure to fray the edges.  Simply use a liquid glue to adhere it to the page.

Along with the traditional layouts, how about recording those little details about the event.  Try to snap photos of the things you wouldn't normally take, but that tell a story.  The bowl you are using to hand out candy or the route where you trick or treat.  I had taken a photo of my kid's Halloween baskets.  They are older now and these just don't do...but I wanted to remember them! 

The dictionary paper makes a great background for layouts.  I used the blank boxes from the Calendar paper in the center...I love how it gives that graphic look of grids! Because I wanted to focus on the story, I kept the rest of the design simple.  A few brads, borders and die-cuts finished the look.  Again, I incorporated the 6 X 6 papers into this layout with the polka dots and the small playing cards with Halloween words. Oh, and we can't forget the orange baker's twine.  I am so happy that it comes as a part of the trim now!

And the story...

Be sure to record all of Halloween this year...tradition and the not so expected!

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