Monday, May 19, 2014

Something Wonderful Tag book by Cheri Piles

Hey everyone! I am in love with the new mid release collection "Something Wonderful"!! I love all of the bright fun colors and I thought it would be perfect for a class to teach this summer at my local stores. So, this is a huge sneak peak of my upcoming class!

It's all about tags!! I have a lot of people ask how I would use the tags from the collections and after some thought this is what I came up with. I wanted a mini book that is MORE than just a tag book, so I added a few pages, doilies, flaps and LOTS of layers!! It's such a neat and different book!

The tags that come in the tag package are incredible and are pretty even just by themselves. 

Here, I created a pocket page with my photo and have a pull tag coming out of it. 

Here is a really large "Library pocket" type of page with a tag on the front and a tag that comes out of the pocket. 

I love this page, I used the tag as my title on the page! I love that scrapbooking has no rules!

Here is another Library pocket page with more tags, I think they are one of my fav's in the book. 

I love the look of this one with the photo layered over the tag. The pictures from our trip to the tulip farm on Easter were perfect for this book. 

This book is great on it's own but I wanted to showcase it in a different way so I took the glass out of a picture frame, backed it with one of the collections paper, added a cup hook to the top center and hung my book on it. It makes such an impression!! I hope you are inspired to think outside the box, mini books come in all shapes and sizes!

Enjoy your day and be sure to check out Teresa's blog - she is at the NYC Stationary Show this week debuting her new collection Studio Gold and announced yesterday her new partnership with CANON!!


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