Monday, April 21, 2014

Creating a inspirational note book Tutorial and FREE calendar download to fit the album kit by Cheri Piles

Hey There! I don't know about you but I am loving playing with all of the new BASICALLY ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS  This is the ALBUM KIT. I love how fun this is and all that you can do with it, it is seriously so cute! I have completely gone to town with it using the new MODELING PASTE and STENCILS. The cover has a decorative frame on it which I love all of the frills but I wanted to add some more depth so I layed the scallop stencil over the page and only applied ink to the outside of the frame. Then I used another stencil and added the days of the week using the paste, once dry I went over it with an ink pen. I added a few embellishments and Voila!! Pretty perfection! 

I really wanted to create... and yes.. I know, this is soooo OLD SCHOOL of me but when I'm teaching I really need a visual date book to keep track of when I have to ship class samples, create class samples and traveling... And a computerized calendar just doesn't work when I'm planning many months ahead and need to see more than one calendar at a time so this was/is, for ME, the PERFECT SOLUTION... A VISUAL but simple and SUPER PRETTY date book... it's the perfect size at 5x7 too!!

I added a little of this and a little of that from the Daily stories collection, although this is an album kit and it COMES WITH everything you need to make it your own. But like I said, I kinda went a little crazy with filling it up. So on the left I added flip pages from the file folder package. Then on the right is a super cute decorative lined half page. I added an extra journal card using a paper clip, I figured I might need to take notes so I added many cards and tags throughout the book. 

I love how put together things look when you match them up, for example I corner rounded this dot page then added another card to the upper right but I corner rounded JUST the upper right corner of the card - imagine the difference if I left it square - It would be FINE, there are no rules, but I do like it rounded. 

OK, so on the left is a pocket photo sleeve - there are two pages included in the book! Each pocked is 3x4. I decided for this book I wanted photos that make me happy and that are cheerful, so I printed them off. Most are from Better homes and gardens - I love flowers!! I will give a link to my pinterest board below my signature. These sleeves would be a good place to also hold BUSINESS CARDS, yeah cool!!
I am loving the extra tags for notes later on! I created all of these blank calendar pages and have a download for you below and instructions on how I added them to my book.

I am loving how pretty my little book is!! I love the decorative shaped pages, so so cute!

Photo source    Photo source
Have you noticed all of the stamped flowers yet? I think it's my most favorite stamp in the Daily Stories stamp set. I also stamped all of the months stamps from the "Calendars stamp set" Teresa made with FISKARS.

 This quote is awesome and I love the contrast that this page offers this book, again so supper cute!!!

To create the fun decorative clips to hold your tags in place in your book simply glue your gems back to back on the end of your paper clip using the clear hold adhesive from Teresa's adhesive kit from Xyron.

To add additional pages to your book as I have done with my calendar pages punch holes using the larger eyelet punch from We R Memory Keepers, then with fine tip scissors cut the centers of the circle then you can add your pages to your pre-made book and they don't fall out!
Ok, so if you are looking for blank calendar pages to fit this book you can save this image and print it out. You will need to trim the bottom off to make it 7". Then trim the right side off for 10" then fold in half and you will have enough room on each end for your holes to insert the pages into your book.

I love how pretty the book turned out and it's nice to see some of my favorite pictures regularly!! Here is a link to my pinterest board - "my favorite pretties"

I hope you found some inspiration to create one of your own, this sure was a fun album kit!!



  1. So awesome! You amaze me and inspire me with every lil album kit you do....I love all of them. Thank you Cheri. See you at Clipper Street Scrapbook soon! I can't wait!

  2. Love this :) so nice to see all the pages. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love this project, very fun, I could see doing this with a gardening journal.


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