Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stationery Noted Frame with Suzanne Sergi

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday, Rachel shared adorable mini frames,  and today I am following with a 5x7 frame I have altered using the Stationery Noted collection. I wanted to create a frame that would serve as home decor inspiration. Perfect for the work office, daughter's room, or your bedroom. A frame that would serve as a reminder to never lose your individual sparkle! 

I removed the glass mat from the frame, so I could add lots of dimension. I first cut a 5x7 mat from bare chipboard. I then covered it with the blue damask paper. I love the Quotes paper, and knew these 3x4 quotes of inspiration would be perfect to use as sentiments. Fabulous to create fast, and simple cards. However, really special to stand alone in a frame. The following quote inspired the framed art. 

Here, you can see that I added a bit more sparkle by adding a layer of diamond dust on top. You can still read the quote, and even more special, can see the added beauty of glitter! I then pulled a silver border from the past Christmas collection to add a small border along the quote card. I also added a 1" strip of the red vertical pattern found on the Music paper. 

What is a frame without a little bling? I used the gorgeous 

This inspiration frame will sit above my computer, and serve as a daily reminder to me! I have lots of personal, and work related goals I would love to achieve. During the challenging times, this will remind me, to never lose sight of what makes me sparkle! 

Have a fabulous day!


  1. it's really very cool! i love it!

  2. Super cute!!! Love the sparkle and that little banner.

  3. Super sweet! Love the banner on the outside of the frame!

  4. Really gorgeous! and I love that message!


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