Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trying something new with Cheri Piles

Happy New Years everyone!!

I have thought a lot about this project, I have envisioned it for months now. I just didn't really know what to do or how to start.... My own "self-talk" & fear of failure kept me from doing this sooner. I woke up the other day and said enough. I can and will do this, I want to try so badly, so I did it - I took a leap of faith. 

I have to say a HUGE HUGE, THANK YOU to Sesil, I happened to call her as I was in route to buy my supplies and she was a huge help! So Thanks Sesil!!!

This was my first collage art piece. I used all 9 papers from the Now & Then collection. Can you find them? Each piece of paper is represented in one form or another. It's very whimsical and fun!
I love this quote from the die cut banners, I just cut the words out and adhered them.

This is my second piece - you can see I'm starting to get the hang of it, it's not perfect by any means but I LOVE this one the most! It is so inspirational!

Another quote, and it's so true!! I am going to frame this and put it on my desk... I have big plans for this year!!!

This is my third piece, it is using the Vintage Finds Collection. I really wanted you to see this in the frame. It MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world to frame these! Wouldn't you agree??

I can never get enough of these flowers layered on one another, I cut them out from the "flowers" paper. I did not glue them "into" the project, I wanted to see what it would look like as a 3-D effect.

What I learned:
  • Never not try something new no matter how much it might intimidate you - give yourself a chance to grow. You can see that just after a few tries I am starting to get the hang of the very basics of collage art.
  • Go with the flow and use papers that YOU love and that inspire YOU! When you are inspired, your art will reflect it.
  • Different mediums may change or alter the hue's of the paper. Project #2 really is bright in real life!!
  • Gesso allows you to have a Do-over, lol!!

What I used besides papers from the Now & Then, Tell Your Story and Vintage Finds Collections:
  • 8x10 Canvas 
  • Gesso - Acrylic, Opaque, Matte, Medium fluid (from the back of the bottle) - I painted this on top of the canvas to give the paint something to stick to.
  • Slow Dry blending gel medium - I mixed this with my paint on project #1 & #2. I also used it as a "mod-podge" to apply the layers and over them.
  • black pen - I like the look of outlining some of the pieces of paper.

 I hope this inspires you to try something fun and new!


  1. Wow amazing and I say you have the hang of it!

  2. these are fabulous, you did an amazing job!

    enjoy *~*

  3. This is inspiring!! I may have to take a leap into the collage pond as well!!

    Great job!!

    1. Ella! I hope you do, it really was so much fun!!

  4. This is freaking GORGEOUS!!! I'm seriously in LOVE with it! You are amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much Rachel!! That means a lot!!

  5. C est genial, j adore , et le troisième est sensationnel !


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