Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree... Tutorial by Cheri

Have I ever told you how much I love Christmas??? lol, ok I know my family is getting tired of hearing it and I have only just started to decorate my home.

If you've been following the evening posts you will have seen this tree in the back ground on DAY ONE.

I love making these little rosettes - it's an addiction, they look great on gifts and you can make them as big or small as you would like! There really are no rules!

I start with using a circle cutter but you don't have to - it would probably be easier and less steps to trace the circle then cut it with your decorative scissors. I am one of "those" that does own a gillion decorative scissors, I confess!!!!

Step one - *cut your circle, then cut in a spiral shape using decorative scissors as shown in the top photo.
Step two - TOTALLY OPTIONAL - Ink the edges
Step three - Starting with the outside working your way to the center roll it up. When you start rolling you want the pattern on the "inside" of the roll. When you reach the center, it becomes the "shelf" where you will apply your glue.
Step four - I use hot glue, this just works best for me but you can try your favorite glue and see if it works. Then just press and hold all the layers into the glue for about... 10 seconds or so. 

* - you will need to make about 4 sizes - big, medium, small and a few extra small for the tip top of the tree.

To make the tree you are going to need to make a bunch of these. So here's my TIP: Trace or cut your circles from all of your papers then grab a lap table and go sit in your comfy chair and watch your favorite Christmas movie while you ink, roll and glue, it makes the time go wayyyyyy faster!

The photo on the left is just a little sampling of the supplies I used and only about half of the flowers. I bought the tree cone at Ben Franklin Crafts along with the candle stick holder.
Step 5 - Fill your cone with foam or tissue. 
Step 6 - Cut a circle from chipboard a little wider then your base of the cone, trace a circle a little smaller than your base onto your chipboard. Every inch or so cut triangles into the inner circle.
Step 7 - Trace where you will glue your tree onto your candlestick holder (Glue it on very, very last)
Step 8 - Glue the tabs to the inside of the cone evenly so your candlestick holder and tree will stand evenly when completed - you really don't want to go to all of this work and have a lopsided tree.

doesn't that look pretty?
Step 9 - I am kind of an assembly worker I guess, I lined up all of my flowers in rows big to small.
Step 10 - If you have decorative ribbon or trim adhere it to the bottom of your tree now.
Step 11 - Starting at the bottom, using big flowers start gluing, alternating the flower colors as you go.

Here's one more close up of it completed.

Supplies used: Two sheets of each from the CHRISTMAS COTTAGE collection 10 sheets total for a big cone: Doily Tree back, Medallion, Red Snowflakes back, Sentiments back, Music. (I didn't quite use all of the 2nd sheet from each one it was just about 1/2 of the 2nd page)

Depending on the size of cone you have will determine how many rosettes you will need, it will also depend on how big or small you cut your rosettes.

My cone was 11" tall. I cut 9 - 3", 6 - 2 1/4", 6 1 3/4", 1 3/8" for the top.

PS - the name of the scissors I used was "bounce" - There is not a manufacturer's name on them, or I've rubbed it off from use.


  1. I'd say it was well worth all the work, it's lovely.

  2. that is gorgeous, and so much work, thank you for sharing with us.

  3. that my dear is absolutely gorgeous. wow!

  4. OMG this tree is stunning, I know it looks like a lot of work but it is Sooo worth it.
    I really want to have a go, but may start with a small cone.
    My Birthday is Christmas Day, so in our house it's a lovely time of the year, every year!!
    Thank you for sharing this stunning make.

  5. Your tree is gorgeous!! I'm going to have to try this myself. Thanks for the cool idea!!

  6. This is truly stunning not sure were to get one of those cones and candle stick here in NZ but I will be looking. I just love those flowers thanks for sharing and am looking forward to your next project

  7. A stunning work of crafts! Surely this toor a great deal of time, but was worth it; it's beautifull! Greetings, Gerrina

  8. Wow!!! This is absolutely gorgeous~~

  9. This is AWESOME! What a gorgeous project!


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