Monday, August 13, 2012

out of my box ( a tiny little bit.) By Julie Jacob

It's not that I like being in a rut.  Or that I don't necessarily like trying new things.
It's just that when I find something, or a technique that makes me happy...I tend to stay there.
Hence, my box.  I like it.  It's comfy, and they know me there. :)

I get the same Chinese food every time.  The lady who works at Dickies knows exactly how I like my gigantic baked potato before I even order it.  I don't have to even give my drink order at Starbucks...they know what I want (and order EVERY time).
Same.  Same.  Same.

So.  You all have to know how completely out of the box it was for me to do a (deep breath!) 8 1/2x11 layout instead of 12x12.  There.  I said it.  (I'm such a dork.)
And do you know what?  I LIKED IT! :)

Ta-Dah! :)  I used the Tell Your Story Ledger paper as my base.  Then I adhered my 5x7 photo to a block of butterfly paper (dot side).  I added a ticket, a tag, flowers, name it.  
I punched the butterflies from scraps of Tell Your Story paper...and then stitched through the middle of them.

It's fun to add bling too. :)  I kept going with my sewing machine, and stitched around one of the bigger flowers.

LOVE those flowers.  I finished it off with the twine...wrapped it around twice and knotted it off.  Add more bling...Oh, and I borrowed the stamps from Sweet Afternoon.  
I am liking this 8 1/2 x 11 thing.  What could possibly be next for me?  Sushi?  Ballroom dancing?


  1. oh yeah, love the page!
    sometimes getting out of that box is good!
    (remember, Starbucks and thai food was out of your box at one time before a super cool chick you know introduced you to it all!)

  2. Way to go Julie!! It looks great!!

  3. It is beautiful! You do great inside and outside of the box. Just think like a the box then out the box, in the box then out the box. Cats do it so you can too :)


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