Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Junk Mini Book - by Julie Jacob

Every year our family visits this huge tulip garden.  I love going and taking pictures.  :)
For the rest of the family, it's pretty much referred to as 'the dreaded trip to the tulips'.
Heavy on the dreaded.  They know there's going to be tons of pictures, and it takes an hour to get there.
In fact, my oldest, who is going off to college this fall....ranks 'not having to go to the tulips' pretty high on his list of  'advantages of going to school 2,000 miles away'.

I wanted to make a little mini book of my 2012 tulip pictures...especially since they won't have Luke in them anymore after this year. :(
I call this book my junk book, because I literally used whatever junk was at hand to make it.

The cover is approximately 5x7(ish)...and is made out of corrugated cardboard.  I think it was a piece that came with a box in the mail.  You could totally just use the box itself.  I peeled most of the smooth part off, to expose the corrugated area.  I added the patterned paper (Fabrications Canvas) and doo-dads...and then gave the edges a quick messy layer of paint.

For the inside pages...again, I just grabbed whatever I had handy.  This first page is actually 5 pages torn out of an old book (make sure it's not a smelly old book).

I folded over 3 of the pages and sewed the edges.  The photo is tucked into the pocket.

The family picture page is a piece of thin chipboard that came with a box of goodies in the mail.
I covered it with Fabrications paper, and added the photo.  Also tape.  I am LOVING washi tape lately.

The next page is a shipping tag covered in paper.  I love that big fat bird punch (he's also on the cover). 

This next page is a manilla file folder cut down to fit the book.  I misted it & added dictionary paper.
Then the photo & doo dads.  The stamp is a custom one I made with my TC Stampmaker.  Love that thing! :)
This blurry photo shows the file folder opened up.  I misted it first...and then again with the washi tape on the right side.
On the back of the folder page, I used an embossing folder & my Cuttlebug.  Then I sanded it so you can see the numbers.  The right page is another set of book paper...this time folded straight down.  It's hard to see but the photo sticks up over the pocket.  I could slide goodies in behind the picture if I wanted.  

The last page is another piece of thin chipboard.  And the back cover is another corrugated cardboard piece.  Ta-da!!  Junk book. :)


  1. Great mini book, I love the organic feel and the colors.

  2. Julie, this is so fun! Love your junk book!!

  3. That looks really cool! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks!

  4. Great job turning your old junk into this pretty mini :-)

  5. I LOVE this so creative & clever thanks for sharing & inspiring.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! I hope you take it as a compliment that I want to scraplift you!

  7. Great book. I think I would probably have called it a "found" book...there's no "junk" there to my eye, but lots of great "found" items. What a wonderful idea! Thanks


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