Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Amanda's favourite summer release

Hi everyone! It was a close contest, but I have to admit that World Traveler was my absolute favorite from Teresa's summer CHA releases. I love the mixture of patterns and the texture of the papers and I couldn't resist making this layout before getting started with the brand new releases coming this month.

I'm sure you've seen the new releases on Teresa's blog, but if not I suggest you head over there right away and check them out!

It's been a long time since we went on a proper family holiday overseas, but we spend a lot of time out and about visiting places closer to home in the summer. My son loves water of any kind and will use any excuse to kick off his shoes and jump right in - clothes and all!

The paper behind the photo is from the 6x6 pad. I've loved the addition of the smaller papers this time around. Sometimes you just need the pattern on a small scale. I left the strip along the top of this piece as I liked the way it looked.

Ususally when I create a layout, I like to start with a plainer background. It gives me a blank canvas and the freedom to play with the patterns that are inspiring me at the moment. I like to cut and play and layer with small pieces of paper - a lot of times I couldn't even tell you how I got from A to B... it just happens :)

I hope you like my page! I can't wait to share some creations with you from the NEW collections soon!

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