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Teresa Collins Design Team - Getting to know Jamie Harper

We are so excited for you to meet Jamie Harper, we asked her a few questions and here's what she had to say:
Jamie Harper

  • What is your scrapbooking style?

  • Very clean and simple. I am not a cluttered kind of girl. I have always been neat and tidy and I think that carries over onto my scrapbook layouts. I don't think I even even tilt photos? hmmmmm may have to work on that one.

  • How did you start scrapbooking?

  • I actually started 16 years ago as a Creative Memories Consultant. I have been teaching ever since :) Strange to start as an instructor, but I actually had been scrapbooking from about the age of 5. I have so many albums from growing up.

  • What influences your designs?

  • Ad's, CD covers, photographs, sometimes even just a color. Everything influences my designs. Sometimes I see something driving and I just have to run home and create. And it is never the same process. My hands usually cannot keep up with my brain. I may start with an idea, sometimes I grab the photo first, and sometimes I have a layout done and all I need is a photo to match. I am kind of a wild woman when I am creating.

  • How long do you spend working on a layout?

  • Never more than 30 min. I do not hum and ha over anything. And I rarely ever change something on a layout. I just go go go. If I want to add something extra, like sewing or something I leave that part until later and just keep working on the next thing.

  • What does your work area look like while you are working on a project?

  • Usually pretty neat and tidy. I clean up as I go along or else my creativity gets blocked. So I have fun creating a layout and then clean up a bit and start fresh on the next layout.

  • What is your favorite color combination?
    Grey with ANYTHING lately. Not sure why. But MOST of the time I am a blues and greens family. Our whole house is done in ocean tones. Very calm and soothing.

  • Do you have any other hobbies?

  • I cook every single day, most of my teenagers friends stop by a few times a week to eat at our house. At one point in time I was working on a cookbook, but family was more important. I LOVE to cook!!!! I am also a photographer. I am so passionate about capturing the bonds within each family that I meet. I try and capture the true personality of each member in the family and how they interact with each other.

    Her layouts are amazing, be prepared to look them over a few times! Thanks Jamie!

     “Time to Play”
    by Jamie Harper

    Products used

    Sports Edition II chipboard elements
    SE2313  Sports Edition II Decorative brads
    SE2312 Sports Edition II Clear Stamps
    SE2301 Sports Edition II “Practice”
    SE2308 Sports Edition II “Labels”
    SE2307 Sports Edition II “Circle Tags”
    Black cardstock

    Instructions for making

    1. Use your black cardstock as your base for the layout
    2. Trim Practice paper to 11x11
    3. Use 3 – 4x6 photos and trim to be 11’ across
    4. Adhere trimmed photos 2’ from top of practice paper
    5. Cut out from “circle tags” paper the month and year circle
    6. Stamp a star in red and cut out
    7. Cut out “time to play” from the “Labels” paper
    8. Adhere the star with pop dots 1’ from the bottom left of the photo
    9. Adhere the circle month overlapping the star
    10. Adhere your label to the bottom of the circle
    11. Add 3 brads to the right of the circle.


    Designed by: Jamie Harper  
    Featuring: Teresa Collins Designs –Sports Edition II, Blingage (
    BL1923 Donna’s Gems Blingage

    SE2301 Sports Edition II Shields
    SE2305 Sports Edition II Practice
    SE2304 Sports Edition II Black numbers
    SE2303 Sports Edition II Red Stars
    SE2309 Sports Edition II Sport
    SE2310 Sports Edition II Die Cuts

    Preparing your page components:
    1. Cut the following pieces from your papers:

    No cutting required
    Assembling your page:
    1. Use the black side of the practice paper for the base of your layout
    2. Use a 8 ½ x 11 cardstock of your choice of color ½ in from the right side and top and bottom
    3. Adhere a 5x7 photo ½ in from the left side and 2’ from top
    4. Punch from your die cut sheet the practice strip and trim an inch off
    5. Adhere strip centered and under your photo
    6. Adhere a strip of pearls from your blingage under the practice strip
    7. With pop dots adhere the Fleur overlapping your photo
    8. With all of your remaining papers use a butterfly punch to punch out random butterflies. 2-3 per paper
    9. Adhere butterflies in a random pattern. I journaled on the butterflies.

    "Play hard”
    by Jamie Harper

    Products used

    Sports Edition II chipboard elements
    SE2312 Sports Edition II Clear Stamps
    SE2301 Sports Edition II “Practice”
    SE2311 Sports Edition II “Red Stars Transparency”
    SE2306 Sports Edition II “Tags”
    Red cardstock
    Black cardstock
    White cardstock

    Instructions for making
    1. Use black 12x12 cardstock as your base
    2. Trim red cardstock to 11x11
    3. Trim white cardstock to 10 ½ x 10 ½
    4. Stamp numbers in red going down the left side of the layout
    5. Trim 2 strips of “practice” paper into 11x ¾’ and 11x 1’
    6. Trim transparency into 11x2 ½’
    7. Cut out play hard from “tags” paper
    8. Adhere 11x1’ practice strip 2’ from bottom and centered
    9. Staple star transparency to practice strip
    10. Adhere 5x7 photo ½’ from left side and 1 ½’ from top
    11. Adhere last practice strip to the top of the stars transparency
    12. Adhere “play hard” journaling spot overlapping the bottom right corner of your photo
    13. Adhere #1 chipboard to the left side of play hard journaling spot
    14. Adhere a chipboard star to the right side of journaling box.
    We hope you are as inspired by Jamie's layouts as we are. To see more of Jamie please click {Here}


    1. Less than 30 mins per page AND neat and tidy? You can really go off a person, you know...? ;)

      Jamie's work is amazing. Love her!

    2. I just think the FLY layout is beatuiful!!!!

    3. I LOVE everything you do Jamie!!!! AMAZING work!!!

    4. Wow...your layouts leave me totally speechless! LOVE!!!!

    5. You have such a gift to make simple look so beautiful! Everything is perfect!

    6. Jamie - I love it. I so want to be you when I grow up. :)


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