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Teresa Collins Design Team - Getting to know Amanda Jones

We are so excited for you to get to know team member Amanda! We asked Amanda a few questions so you can get to know her and this is what she had to say:

  * What is your scrapbooking style?
        o My style is very flexible. I love getting messy with inks
          and paints and mixing things up, but am equally comfortable
          creating more graphic pages with clean, straight lines. The
          product I'm working with and my mood dictates my style!
  * How did you start scrapbooking?
        o I have always been a 'journaler' and still have boxes full
          of memorabilia, sticker filled notebooks and diaries from my
          childhood years. I discovered scrapbooking as a means to
          combine my passion for paper products, photos and writing
          when a friend of mine created a scrapbook to remember her
          baby son who passed away. I was inspired to preserve my own
          memories and those of my family
  * What influences your designs?
        o My photos are always the starting point for my projects. I
          work with the photos, the subject and the product to create
          something that feels 'right' to me. It comes from the heart
          and the mood I'm in at the time comes out in my designs. I
          love getting inspired by the work of others, but find it
          hard to scraplift designs. Even working with sketches I tend
          to go my own way. I guess I'm a bit of a design rebel ;)
  * How long do you spend working on a layout?
        o Usually one or two hours, but sometimes things come together
          much quicker and I can turn a page out in a half hour. On
          the flip side, I have been known to faff with the finishing
          touches on a layout for the best part of a day.
  * What does your work area look like while you are working on a
    project? Clean and organized? Messy and all over the place?

        o Generally messy. I start off extremely organised but once
          inspiration strikes all sense of order goes out the window.
          I always TRY and clear my space after creating something.
          But we all know how that goes, right?
  * What is your favorite color combination?
        o I love yellow, and I also love neutral whites and creams.
          However, I always seem to gravitate towards blues and greens
          in my layouts, with occasional pops of red, orange or
          yellow. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that
          I'm almost always scrapping pictures of my son!
  * Do you have any other hobbies?
        o Hmm. I aspire to having other hobbies but most of my free
          time is spent creating! That's my passion. I love listening
          to music when I scrapbook and do enjoy reading murder
          mysteries when I get the chance!

Amanda created these great layouts using the new SPORTS EDITION II line.

To recreate this great layout here are Amanda's instructions:

“Champion Layout”
Designed by: Amanda Jones
Featuring: Teresa Collins Designs – Sports Edition II, Blingage 


2 6”x4” vertical photos:
Sports Edition II - Circle Tags paper B
Sports Edition II - Red stars A
Sports Edition II - Sport paper A
Sports Edition II - Stamps
Sports Edition II - Die-cuts
Also used:
White card, black card, black journaling pen, adhesive, blue embossing powder


Preparing your page components:

1. Cut the following pieces from your papers:

  • 7” x 12” piece of red stars paper
  • 2 narrow 4” strips of the B side of circle tags paper, to create strips of a single row of the tiny stars
  • 8” x ½” strip of white card for your journaling
  • 1 7/8” x 2” piece of black card to mat your die-cut words

2. Trim the tabs from the ends of the ‘CHAMPION’ die cut to make it a regular rectangle
3. Adhere the ‘FOCUS’, ‘COMPETE’, ‘PLAY HARD’ and ‘GAME ON’ die cuts to the piece of black cardstock, aligned flush to the right hand side of the card
4. Trim a 4” length of the ‘SPORT’ border die-cut
5. Stamp and emboss 3 blue stars on white cardstock, and cut them out.

Assembling your page:

1. Adhere the red stars paper to the bottom half of the sport paper to create your background sheet
2. Glue your photos to the left side of the layout, flush against the left edge and 4” up from the bottom of the page
3. Adhere the ‘SPORT’ border strip along the join of the patterned papers, to the right of your photos. Glue the 2 narrow star strips above and below the die-cut border.
4. Glue your black cardstock piece with the die-cut words to the bottom right of your page, against the right edge approx ¾” from the bottom of the page.
5. Attach the ‘CHAMPION’ die-cut above the left photo
6. Using foam squares, stick your 3 embossed stars to the page, positioned as per the photo
7. Complete your journaling as desired and adhere it below your photos.


“Skater Layout”
Designed by: Amanda Jones 
Featuring: Teresa Collins Designs – Sports Edition II, Blingage


2 2”x4” vertical photos
Sports Edition II - Tags paper A

Sports Edition II - Red stars transparency
Sports Edition II - Die-cuts
Sports Edition II - Brads
Sports Edition II - Trims
Sports Edition II - Chipboard
Also used:
White card, black journaling pen, adhesive, blue ink spray, stapler, rub-on letters


Preparing your page components:

1. Cut the following pieces from your papers:

  • Trim the ‘CHAMPION’ tag from the tags paper and then cut it in half, keeping the plain half to use on your layout. Trim the ‘CHAMPION’ title from the tag also
  • Trim 2 rows of 4 stars, 1 row of 3 stars and 1 single star from the stars transparency

2. Cut 3 lengths of net trim of slightly different lengths ranging from 3 ½” to 5 ½”
3. Spray the lengths of net trim with a blue ink spray to add colour

Assembling your page:

1. On the top left corner of your white 12”x12” cardstock add your title, leaving enough room above it for a strip of 4 transparency stars
2. Attach the transparency above the title using staples or a clear drying adhesive
3. Attach a brad to the right hand side of the title/transparency combo
4. Lay your photos and the champion tag onto your background and once happy with the placement, stick them down.
5. Tuck a strip of 4 stars from the transparency underneath the right hand photo
6. Position the strips of dyed net trim beneath the photos and attach with staples
7. Again using staples, attach the strip of 3 transparency stars underneath the net trim
8. Add your journaling to the tag to the left of your photos
9. Using foam squares, add the fleur de lis/stars label die-cut below your journaling, overlapping the edge of your net trim
10. Layer your single transparency star on top of the die-cut, and add the black and white grid chipboard star overlapping the bottom of the die cut
11. Add 2 more brads, positioned as per the picture.

Thank you Amanda for such great layout inspirations!

Please visit Amanda for more of her great work and designs. 


  1. Fantastic layouts! Amanda is THE best :).

  2. Those photos capture the essence of a boy so well with the dirty knees! I love all the layouts!!

  3. Love your layouts Amanda! Love the dirty knees!

  4. So good getting to know you better Amanda! LOVE what you did with the layouts!!!

  5. Beautiful your pages, Amanda! I love knowing the details of how the LOs done! Thank you for telling us and Congratulations by TD! Kisses!

  6. Amanda - I love your layouts. You are one talented lady! So glad to get to know you a little better.


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