Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello My Name is Layout by Leslie Ashe

Hello My Name Is - "This Is Me" - layout by Leslie Ashe

good morning everyone!

I hope this week finds  you well & excited to start a new project!

Today I'm here to share some inspiration with a layout I completed
using the every so lovely "Hello My Name Is" line by Teresa.

I love how she incorporated the kraft, white, deep red, gray, blacks together
to form this incredibly beautiful line.

I decided a while back
that it's time to let go of the "I have to be BEHIND the camera, not in FRONT" to
capture the memories of our daily lives.
It's time to let that go and make it a habit to make myself be part
of our family history, our scrapbooks. Not in any vain way mind you -
but so my future generation can see I was real.
Real in my thoughts, beliefs, uphill battles, challenges in life, loves,
celebrations, joys, tears, goals..etc. I could go on and on with that list...
so here I am. In front and real:
"This Is Me"

I started this layout with the hearts.
I like to hand cut a lot of my shapes. It's basically "old school".
I rarely measure - I just cut away.
but for you - I will show you how I measured (after the fact, HA!) and
created this project.

What I did was:
-fold a piece of 12x12" patterned paper in half & starting at the bottom,
  cut around in the shape of a heart (like back in school days!)
-adhere to another piece of patterned paper & cut around the first heart
  making another heart. Actually - do this twice for the "triple heart" look.
-adhere to your main background, then using a black pen,
  stitch around the edges
-lay your photo down and use part of the trim from the edge of the paper
  as a border next to your photo
-use a file folder as your journaling (private if you choose)
-adhere it next to your photo

-add a wooden embellishment to the bottom flap so you can "lift" for journaling
-add wooden embellishment to the top right and cluster with epoxy and
  cardstock stickers
-add word stickers going down the right side of your page
-layer wooden embellishments to bottom left of page (I love stacking the wooden pieces!)
-stamp "here" to another sheet of patterned paper & add just under
-final step - add the gorgeous jewels from Hello My Name Is
 as your final touch.

I hope you've enjoyed my little piece of inspiration today..
thanks for stopping by!
I can't wait to see what all YOU make using "Hello My Name Is"...


  1. Love this line of paper I can not wait to create with it!

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  3. Leslie!! Great layout!! I love that you are getting in front of the camera!! That is one of my downfalls!!


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