Friday, January 10, 2014

CHA Booth Setup Day Two

Today is the second day of booth setup for CHA Winter 2014 here in Anaheim California. This weather is so wonderful after all of the blizzards happening in Utah lately. I love being here with my daughter Gentry and all of the people I work with. I feel like I have the the most wonderful people working and supporting me. I feel so thankful and blessed. 
This is Cheri Piles my design team lead and I walking into the convention center yesterday.

Excited to get our passes and start setting up.

We are booth number #2515 so come and visit us if you are coming to the show!

Setting up in our booth is a party!

 Sean is my Sales Director and has been so Wonderful! He is the muscles behind the booth getting set up. Here he is putting all of the crystals on the chandelier. However, he is the most amazing sales person. He believes in me and gets my crazy passionate obsession to design. He has taken my company to another level in a economy that struggles. How blessed to have a thriving company and honestly, I need to give credit to Sean and so many people who have made this possible. I always say... it takes a village.

 Gentry uses any opportunity that she can for some photos. She is so much like me! She has actually opened her own Etsy shop designing prints that she sells at I am so glad that she gets to come to all of the shows with me and help me so much.

Last night we got to go to dinner with Matt and Kayla and the kids and it was so fun! I miss seeing them all of the time. I know it sounds bad, but I want them to move back to Utah! Kayla is definitely such a cute pregnant woman. She is coming to visit the show on Saturday. 

I can't believe it's already time for CHA. Make sure you visit the CRAFTWELL booth and see what I have designed and do the amazing make n take that will be from 12:00- 1:00 and again in the afternoon. 
Also, TONIGHT is my workshop at TIMELESS TREASURES. I am so excited to see my friends. Okay... got to get back to decorating and designing the booth.

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