Friday, April 12, 2013

Arizona Adventure Mini Book - with Julie

Hi everyone!
Awhile back I shared a travel journal I made with the bigger stitched notebook from the Far & Away line.  You'd be so proud of me...I kept it in my purse and filled it up with what we did each day on our Arizona vacation last month.  
It was fun for journaling...and now it helps me remember all those details I was SURE I would never forget. 

I got my photos back from the trip and decided to do a mini with them.  I mostly used the He Said line...but there's pieces of She Said and Far & Away too.

The cover is a clear/acetate page cut to 5x7.  Awhile ago Michaels had those fun glitter I grabbed a couple of J's (Julie Jacob...I'm stuck with J!)  I added one to the cover for our family name...along with some little bits and my airplane ticket stub.

This page is also 5x7.  I made it in Photoshop.  I like how it comes through behind the acetate page.

The left side is the back of the above it's 5x7.  The next little piece is a file folder from He Said.

Don't be afraid to add stuff that didn't actually, strictly, technically come from your trip!
The little Arizona is a puzzle piece...and the fact card came out of an old game found at the thrift store.  

Here is the inside of the file folder.  I did some journaling by hand...and some on my old typewriter as well.
For fun, dig out your sewing machine and start stitching!  It doesn't matter if it shows through on the back.

The back of the file folder is on the left...I added a little 3x4 card I made in Photoshop. :)
The Starbucks page on the right is smaller...4x5.

The page on the right is a big file folder cut down a bit for my book.  
I think the big Grand Canyon sticker is supposed to go on the back of a car...but I bought it for my book. :)

The inside of the file page...I added a receipt and another photo.  You could also sew the top and bottom to make a pocket page, if you didn't want it to open up.

On the right are two 4x6 photos adhered together...

I didn't want to add too much stuff to the Grand Canyon photo...let's face it... The GC is pretty darn amazing all on its own.   The right side is a post card.

I dooded up the back of the post card...and added another large post card on the right.  

The left side is actually the paper e-ticket from the Royals-Mariners baseball game we attended.
The Mariners lost.  But that's ok.  We're used to it. ;)

I punched the tab for the left side, and added a photo from our trip to the zoo.
Well, the zoo gift shop.  It was SO hot the day we went.  I think they close the zoo at 2pm.  I couldn't understand why until I realized it was for the HEAT.  Holy cow...the poor melty animals.

The rest of our trip was in Scottsdale.  My husband had a conference to the kids & I hit the pool every day. :)  The page on the right is another acetate clear page.  I just cut my photos to the same size, so the backs wouldn't show from either side.  I added the enamel dots the same way.

So the page on the left is can see through to the pages behind it.  Make sense?
And the right side is the end! made it!

I love to layer those flowers with chipboard pieces and brads...
Thanks for reliving my Arizona trip with me...and for those of you who live there....lucky ducks!!! :)


  1. I love it Julie! It is full of so much fun stuff, great ideas for a trip!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  2. Oh how fun I love all your little hints thanks so much!

  3. Fabulous mini! I love how the almost subway art second page shows through the front clear cover :-)

    1. thanks cindy...I love working with clear pages :)

  4. Wow. Fantastic job. Wonderful ideas and tips. My family went to the Grand Canyon in 2003 and I still haven't scrapbooked it yet (shame on me! I have all the photos, etc. but haven't done anything). Your beautiful book is a major inspiration! I'd better get busy!

    1. Aw, thanks Michele! Go get busy girl :) Honestly, I can't talk...I have stacks of photos from other trips that aren't in book yet either!

  5. The mini is fabulous and fun and I want one just like that for all states!

  6. ooooooh, i love all the bits and pieces!! and I love how you included everyone too! fabulous!!

  7. awesome job, lady! i love it! :)


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