Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mini cards by Amanda Jones


Hi TCD fans! Today I wanted to share how I made these cute mini "easel" cards with the Now & Then collection.


I made both of these from a 12x12 sheet of paper - in fact you can make 3 card bases from 1 sheet :) The front of the finished cards measures 4"x4".

1. First you need to trim a piece to measure 12" x 4".
2. Next, measure and score across the card 4 inches in from each end.
3. Fold each end in towards the centre of the card. Your card should now stand up on one end with the centre section as the "back" of the card and the other end flap folded down to make the front of the card.
4. To make sure you card stands up nicely, embellish the bottom flap with a button or chipboard piece which you can tuck the front of the card behind. This stops the card from collapsing when on display ;)


Then simply embellish your card as desired. I used some of the die-cut flowers layered with buttons from the collection to pretty mine up.


Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Enjoy the rest of the week, wherever you are :)

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