Friday, January 4, 2013

Journaling Cards by Julie

I have decided to do Project Life this year...and I'm so excited about it.
I just hope I can STAY excited all year. :)  Have any of you done it before...for the whole year?  Any tips or tricks you'd like to share?  I want to stay motivated!

This is my cover page:

I did it in Photoshop...printed it off, and then stitched the little heart.
The back:

And then the other intro page:

Don't get me wrong.  I love telling stories with photos...but I am ADDICTED to those little 3x4 journaling cards in the middle row.  Even if you're not doing Project Life...there's so many ways to use them on your pages, or in mini books.  (And yes, that's Wonder Woman.  LOVE her.)

I did 'the jacob family' and 'twenty thirteen' stamps with my TC Stampmaker. :)

Here are some more 3x4 cards I made with Vintage Finds and Now & Then:

Not kidding...just the easiest thing ever to make these little guys.  Each one is a 3x4 piece of patterned paper.  I used Vintage Finds papers.  (I love the Bingo card paper...each one is 3x4).  Then I rounded the corners and dooded them up a little.  Since they're so small, you just need a little bit here and there.  I used washi tape, stickers, border strips...a key from my desk drawer (really hoping it's not to anything important!)

On the key card...the 'I love you' is cut from the patterned paper of phrases (Vintage Finds).  I typed the 'you hold the key to my heart' on my old typewriter.  And the heart is punched from washi tape.
On the Here's the Story card...I used a doily and office clip.  The heart is punched from a coffee sleeve.

I left room for journaling on some of them...

You could do a whole set with just the Bingo cards. :)
Wish me luck with Project Life.  I tried in 2009...and made it almost 6 months.  And I'm SO sorry I didn't finish's one of my favorite albums to look through.

Happy New Year to you... :)


  1. Julie, Your journal cards are fantastic, I LOVE them!!

  2. WOWZA this is fabulous! Fantastic job!

  3. I'm hoping to stay excited about Project Life too. Love your 3 x 4 cards! Such cute inspiration!!!

    1. we will have to keep each other motivated Yvonne! :)

  4. Great ideas, love it, never really thought about, but would be awesome for layering on pages and mini books too!!

  5. Julie, this is SO CUTE!!! LOVE!!


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