Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anniversary Card by Dedra Long

Jon and I have an anniversary coming up and while I was in the card section of a couple of different stores, I could not really find a card with the combination of things I was looking for. I noticed that most cards that have a "money pocket" are very cute, funny and childish. Definitely not the card I want to give Jon for our anniversary. The really sweet, thoughtful, the kind of things I want to say cards have no place for a gift card, money and usually no place for you to write something other than "I love you" and your name.

So, I decided I would make my own card, with a gift certificate and note pocket. I can have the best of both worlds.

To create a pocket for the inside I cut down a piece of patterned paper to fit the inside of the card. You can cut it at an angle for a more fancy looking pocket or cut it straight across for a more simple look. Stitch the cut patterned paper to the inside of the card. 

I wrote a little note and slipped it inside with a gift card to the Desert Botanical Gardens where we where married 11 years ago. Now, Jon even has a place to take me for the day!

Thanks for taking a look!


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