Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheri Piles A week in the life mini book....

I am so excited, for the next week in a half the Girls on the team are going to be sharing a week in their life with you!  When I was approached by my team mate Julie I was very excited and nervous all at the same time... I had NEVER done such a project before.

 The more I thought about it, the more I was like, hey technology like Facebook keeps on changing, evolving and growing. When I joined Facebook way back in 2007 it was so new, barely any of my friends at that time were on facebook. As I look back it wasn't until late 2008 begining of 2009 that it became popular in my part of the world. It has grown leaps and bounds and I can't even imagine where it will continue to grow. So I thought it would be fun to document a week in the life on facebook!

The more I got to thinking about how I would like to approach it the more I kept changing my mind. I knew what week I wanted to do, then I missed the first day!! LOL, so my week starts on MONDAY!!

I cut all of my pages 11"h x 8 1/4"w then folded each paper in half. I used the following papers from the last 4 collections:

Once I cut and folded all of my papers I corner rounded all of the edges.
On the cover I used buttons from Tell Your Story. Chipboard days of the week, "a perfect day" & Banner from the Now & Then chipboard elements. Red sticker letters from Now & Then sticker sheet.

To start I had to print out my timeline, I screen captured post by post (yes, this was time consuming - but if you copy and paste the whole page or section you want it may not print right) So once I printed out all of the feeds I wanted I trimed them all the same width, the lengths will vary on your comments. 

Step one: score just underneath your name and date at the top of each piece.
Step two: for each day put them in the order you want and starting with your last post, layer your next post above it. Line up your score line with the top of the last post as shown in the picture on the top left. Once you have them all stacked tape the backs together. This is going to create a waterfall type of effect so you can flip each post up to view the next one.
Step three: Using washi tape - I used the clocks tape from Vintage Finds, tape your seams where the pages will fold up as shown in pictures 2 & 3 above, I think this gives it a more finished look when you flip your pages up.
Step four: Adhere your pages to your book. (You will see I also stapled the top of each of mine - this was just for added texture, not necessary unless you like the look.)

The week I chose had Thanksgiving in it so I new it would be a great week to document. It's my one HOLIDAY a year that I go all out, It is the only time of year that I LOVE TO COOK! So I made sure to share that on my timeline, I wanted to be able to share MY traditions and a few of our favorite recipies.

Once I had all of my posts adhered to my pages I then went back and used the black numbers from the Vintage Finds Chipboard elements and added them to each of the pages.

The great thing I found was that each of the lines had stickers and chipboard pieces that were perfect for this project. I found myself using a little from each.

This was such fun! I'm very excited to see what the other girls create! 


  1. Cheri, I absolutely love the idea of documenting a week of facebook and the way you have set it out is perfect. Beautiful project!!!

  2. Facebook. You are brilliant. :)

  3. What?!!? I lOVE THIS IDEA!!! Now that is something I can do!! :)

  4. This is such a great mini book! I love this!!

  5. Love this! You are amazing girly!

  6. I just love your mini books can't wait to see more brilliant

  7. This is AWESOME!!! What a cool idea! You are AMAZING!!

    1. Hey thanks Rachel, back at ya!! I can't wait to see yours!!

  8. Very Unique and so clever. What a great way to document family events or anything special. Great idea. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Dee!! Thank you so much, yes, that would be a perfect idea!! Create a family gathering group page where everyone could post photo's and share memories about the family event then create a fun book, love that idea!!


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