Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chalkboard Minibook by Julie

Have you ever had a project that you love...and when you get it all done, you don't like the title anymore?
Or you spelled something wrong?
Or you just changed your mind...but now it's too late because the stickers or whatever are all stuck down, and changing it would involve lots of work.  And you really don't FEEL like lots of work, because...well, it's work...and you just don't.
Or maybe the title seemed like a good idea at the time:

This minibook is all about spending an amazing day at the Fair with my daughters.  Plural.  In retrospect, the title 'You're my favorite' probably isn't such a good idea.  Unless of course, you want to start a fight.

Much easier just to change the title.  And you can....because it's a chalkboard. :)
And it's super easy to make.
{This is where I would insert the step by step pictures I took, and then deleted off my card. }
Here's what you do:
1.  Cut 2 pieces of chipboard to the size you want.  (One will be the chalkboard base, and the other will be the frame you adhere on top of it.)
2.  Paint one piece with chalkboard paint.  I used Craft Smart (super cheap at Michael's)...but you can use Martha Stewart or any kind, really.  I did 3 coats.
3.  Using an X-acto knife, cut the center out of the other chipboard piece for your frame.  Cover with paper, or paint...whatever you like.
4.  Glue frame over chalkboard when dry.

Much better.  And no fighting. :)  This book is 6x8...I made it with the Now & Then line.  Here are the inner pages:

I kind of had a a pocket theme in mind.  And in case it's not super clear, Belle (on the left) has a stuffed iguana on her shoulder...and Shelby has a stuffed snake.  They KNOW how much I adore snakes.

Oh, and that cute little arrow stamp from the set?  I think I used it on every page.

This page flips open:

I go on the Ferris Wheel with the girls every year.  Not because I love it.  Because it's tradition.
Heights never used to bother me, but they do now.  Now the Ferris Wheel makes me feel all barfy.
I used the HAPPY chipboard pieces because Teresa didn't make any that spelled BARFY.  (I will ask her about next time.)

I do love funnel cake though.  Funnel cake makes me feel happy.  I probably should have used those on the funnel cake page.
The right hand side is two little half pages.

Both my girls don't get scared on rides.  They mocked me mercilessly on the stupid Ferris Wheel.

Another pocket page on the right.

So fun to journal with stickers.  (Again, except for the lack of a 'barfy' sticker...the line is PERFECT!)

Another older daughter on the merry-go-round. :)

I had so much fun making this little book.  
And hey, if one of my girls ticks me off...I can always go back and change the title to 'Shelby, you really ARE my favorite'. 

Kidding.  Sort of.
Happy November!


  1. This is gorgeous I love the design and the colours are beautiful. Caroline xxx

  2. Great mini Julie! I Love the idea of using Chalkboard, I never would have thought of that! AWesome!!

  3. What a great mini ! Love the chalkboard idea !

  4. This is awesome! Love the chalkboard on the cover, so neat!

  5. Super cute mini and loved your step b steps on the chalkboard! Glad to hear others have those days too when a whoops happens. Thanks for making me laugh this morning!


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