Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vintage Finds "traditions" layout by Dedra Long

Hi everyone! I'm so ready for fall, cooler temperatures, more friends and family time and the holiday season in general. At the end of September every year I pull out the tubs of Halloween decorations and I get started laying out various bottles, potions, rats, spell books and I get a good idea of the direction I want to go, as far as decorating the house. By October 1st, the house is always ready for our enjoyment.
This year that was not the case. We had so many things going on, it just didn't happen. For me, Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. Little did I know our girls felt the same way.

So, when October 1st came and went, then a few more days passed and there was no sign of the Halloween tubs, our girls grew concerned. They decided to have a chat with me, expressing how important my decorating was to them (I do tend to go all out during the holiday season, making the house as festive as I can). I really didn't know that they love the house being just a festive as I do. In years past they would make little comments to me about how they loved our house during the holiday seasons, but I didn't realize that I have created a tradition every year that they look forward too. It also occurred to me that when they have families of their own, the decorating tradition will be passed down to other generations of our family.

Usually I create Halloween layouts and they are about Halloween costumes, trick or treating, the pumpkin patch. The general stories, the basics. This year I wanted to tell the story of our girls and how much they love tradition. How they told me the things I do as a mother are important to them, even if I don't realize it. This year, this is the story I wanted to make sure to document. Not just the Halloween costumes, trick or treating, etc. but the story I might have missed. Be on the look out you might have a non-traditional story this holiday season you might want to document. Here is a layout I created using Vintage Finds, I still love the versatility of this collection.

I can't get enough of the well coordinated embellishments Teresa designed for this collection. 

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