Friday, May 11, 2012

woohoo! It's Friday!

It's Friday...already!  I know a week is a week...7 days....there's no speeding it up or slowing it down.
But for some reason, this week flew by for me.  Do you ever have that?

And since it's Friday again...we have another fantastically fabulous fan to feature! :)
Say hello to Betsy Clark of New Zealand and her amazing cards...
I love how she used Fabrications Linen...

Aren't they beautiful? :)  And you can see even more on the Artfull Crafts blog here and here.
(The second link is to cards made by other lovely ladies on the Arftfull Crafts Design Team.)  Sooooo worth a click!

You can see more of Betsy's beautiful cards on her blog Best of Betsy's.
I envy those who can make such cards.  I am more of a layout-mini book girl.  Even my kids know it.
I was looking at pictures of Betsy's cards...and my daughter Belle came up and said (you know, all gaspy and dramatic, as she's 12)..."Did YOU make those???"
And I said no...another lady did.
To which she replied, "Oh.  I didn't think you had THAT card-making ability."
Not in a mean way or anything...Just like, geez mom...if you could make cards like that I sure didn't know about it.
Aren't children great?

Thank you Betsy, for sharing your work.  And thank you to EVERYONE who submitted.
Keep your projects coming.  There will be another post on Sunday for you to link to.  :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Betsy's card are just fabulous

  2. Betsy makes THE most fabulous cards! These are no exception - just stunning!

  3. from someone who can't make cards either, I adore those who can...great papers and love all the layered love....TGIF and am glad Artfull Crafts shouted out on facebook!

  4. Hi everyone. Betsy cards are amazing, I follow her and all the other talented ladies at Artfull Crafts, she's a true inspiration for a beginner scrapper like me :)

  5. Betsy sure does make amazing cards. Thanks Artfull Crafts for the link. :)

  6. I do love to see Betsy cards what a talent she has

  7. Thanks Besty you are so inspirational. We are so blessed to have you at Artfull Crafts.

  8. We love Betsy!! I'm the luckiest store owner in the world! She brings in handfulls of her cards each week for us to display. Liz from Artfull Crafts

  9. Betsy is a really talented member of the Artfull Crafts team and we LOVE her :)

  10. Betsy always had beautiful cards to share at ArtfulCrafts in Timaru NZ.

  11. Once apon a time it was all cards and stamping and then along came SCRAPBOOKING and that was followed by anything goes ...but everything thing is catered for at ArtfulCrafts...they have it all. Thanks for the link.


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