Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Spirit Layout by Yvonne Blair

I am absolutely LOVING Everyday Moments! After all that what's life is really all about isn't it? We do have special occasions to remember, but what about the everyday? 

 I found a quote (probably on Pinterest) that really resonated with me. "If you are constantly running from one moment to the next, what about the moment you're in?" So true. It really made me stop and think. I want to remember the everyday moments. I want my family to remember the everyday moments. How do we do this? By taking time to enjoy those moments, by taking time to preserve those moments. So so important. I look back at my childhood and the memories that stick out in my mind the most are everyday moments, like working with my grandpa in his garage, sitting with him and watching Star Trek. I wish I had pictures to transport me to that time, but I don't. I will make sure that my family has these moments preserved in our scrapbooks.

Hope you enjoy. Go take some pictures of your everyday will be happy you did!


  1. Another beautiful layout with all the special touches. Love your work!

  2. Great quote...lovely layout...cherish the everyday moments..well said!

  3. Just beautiful! And I love the butterflies that flit from most of your pages!


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