Friday, April 20, 2012

Featured Fan Friday!!!

It's Friday!  And that means we are featuring someone's lovely Teresa Collins project.  And oh. my. goodness...did we ever have lovely projects to choose from!  Thank you so VERY much for your submissions...we had such a tough time deciding!  

So...that said...I would love for you to meet Kris Berc, our first featured fan...and see her beautiful layout:

Hey Kris...woohoo, it's you! :)
This layout was her April 'My Creative Sketches' project.  She used Teresa's Fabrications Linen line...and did she rock it!

Check out all her perfect stitching!  Wanna know a secret?  She faux stitched with a white gel pen.  So cool!

Kris lives in Wyoming with her husband, and two year old daughter.  She discovered scrapbooking in 2004 while planning her wedding...and then discovered she was a pretty darn creative girl.

"This hobby is such a large part of my everyday life… I spend nearly every free moment doing something related to it whether it’s actual crafting, taking photos, or hanging out online to chat, to exchange inspiration, or to shop for more products.  There are so many things that I love about scrapbooking, some of the most valuable being the lasting friendships that I have gained along the way."

Thank you Kris, for sharing your work with us!  You can see more of her projects on her blog:  A Stash of Pretty Paper.

And guess what?  Sunday there will be a new post for you to leave your project links on. 
Submit as many projects as you like...we really, really want to see what you're making. :)
Who knows?  Next could be you!


  1. congratulations Kris!! What a beautiful layout, way to go!! ✿

  2. Congrat's....It's a beautiful layout...great color combinations!

  3. Congrats is a beautiful layout

  4. Not to take anything away from Kris but her link wasn't listed in the post for Fan of the Week. Can you submit another way than using the link in the blog post for Fan Friday? Just wondering as I was going through to see everyone's lovely work.

    1. Hi Debbie...You can also post your work on the Teresa Collins Designs Facebook page. :)

  5. Congratulations Kris!!! So excited for you to be featured!!! This layout is soooo gorgeous!!!

  6. Way to go, Kris! So very excited for you, your work is gorgeous as always! xoxo

  7. Thanks so very much for featuring me... what a huge honor!!! Woohoo :)

  8. Congratulations Kris! Such a beautiful page xx


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