Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Cherish" Layout by Dedra Long

The most wonderful and inspiring thing about the collections Teresa designs, is the ease and classic styles that you can literally mix and match. To create the layout below I used four different collections. Which is so fun. Sitting down, spreading out, laying your different papers, die cuts, stamps etc. Inter-mixing floral, classic and clean styles all together.

This layout was all about the layered effect. I chose my base 12" x 12" paper, then I layered two coordinating pieces of paper, cut to fit side by side. Then I cut the third paper to layer on top of the others. Finishing it off with three coordinating die cut cardstock pieces.

I have to say that I love the detail in Teresa's acrylic stamps. All of the stamped images were the last thing I added to complete the design I wanted. I have finished many layouts and projects over the years wishing I would have added some stamped images. Being frustrated, I have discovered a little trick.
When I want to add a stamped image it's always helped that the image is acrylic, so you know exactly where the image will land, because I can see it through the acrylic block I'm using. I go ahead and put the stamp on my acrylic block and then I put the image over my layout where I want to add it. I then, eye-ball how far or what piece of the image I want to use. Then, I only ink that part of the stamp. To me that is how stamps become versatile, who says you have to use the whole image?
For the "cherish" stamp (in the first photo) I only used about 75% of the stamp. If I would have used the entire image it would have gone further off the page then I wanted. Hopefully, this will help you out the next time you're bummed because you would have liked to add a stamped image to your masterpiece.

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  1. Great way to use different collections and making them work together with your photo! WOW!

  2. Absolutely lovely. You pulled the line together very well.


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