Thursday, January 12, 2012

two favorites by Yvonne...

I wanted to share two of my favorite projects using Teresa's World Traveler line. I have been crazy busy working on projects that I can't share just yet, wink. So I thought it was the perfect time to recap.

This vintage window is hanging between my kitchen and dining area. It still makes me giddy when I walk by it. I love the World Traveler line because of the shabby classiness, but also because it is not just about travel. It was perfect to mix in with the window. I have had a couple of people offer to take it off my hands, but nope...I think this will be a part of my decor for quite a while.

Next, this is a book I did for my daughter's 16th birthday. This little book is filled with things her dad and I wanted to share with her. Things we thought were important for her to know and be able to look through from time to time. Telling the story is so important, but I think sometimes we overlook the importance of sharing our thoughts and feelings as well. It is also a huge part of the story!

Thanks for taking time out of your day and sharing two of my very favorite projects! Till next time...


  1. That window is totally my FAVORITE -- I do have a lovely spot on my mantle for it--- (just sayin") :) Great job!


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