Monday, November 14, 2011

Gift Wrap

Christmas time means lots of lots of gift wrap.  There are the endless rolls of brightly colored paper, ready and waiting to hug the too many presents to be packaged.  But the gift wrap I am referring to involves scrapping the holidays.  There are so many amazing moments that occur around Christmas.  The hug between a grandmother who lives too far away and her granddaughter.  The smile when the surprise gift is given.  A favorite food placed in your for-the-holiday-only bowl that has been passed down through the generations. If you are lucky, you capture these moments with your camera. 

A moment like this is a treasured gift.

It is that moment when the kiddos run to the window because they hear bells and a jolly laugh.  And they confirm their thinking by peeking out of the window! 

I wanted to keep this layout monochromatic and simple, but not boring.  I used lots of the Christmas Home Santa related die-cuts on the upper half.  The layering under my photo was created using a 6X6 sheet of the green scalloped grid.  I placed the red pattern on top.  It is actually the packaging that the Christmas Home trim comes on!  To continue the packaging theme, I laid my photo on top of the cardboard backing of the Christmas Home Brads packaging!

Finally, I wrapped up my photo like I would any present!  I used the green twine from the collection and went around the photo mat twice.  I placed the holly die-cut in the center and finished it with a brad!

This holiday season I encourage you to take the concept of gift wrap to a new place...with your camera and your scrappy goodies!

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