Monday, October 17, 2011

Amanda Jones - Halloween mini album memories

Hi everyone! It's Amanda here and today I'm going to share with you my ideas for creating a little mini album to document favourite Halloween activities! It's a super simple and fun project you can make on your own or with your kids.

I'm not going to do a step-by-step of how to create this project, as I used lots of scraps from the Haunted Hallows line and would encourage you to use the scraps you have on hand.

I made my little album with the help of my 9 year old son, Lewis. I thought it was a great opportunity to document his Halloween favourites and he was more than willing to cooperate when he realised he was allowed to play with paint!

First I cut all of my pages to approx 4" x 2 1/2", each varied slightly in size to make the finished book more interesting. I then added lots of tiny scraps, left over die-cuts and stickers to the pages.

Lewis was then let loose with some black and white paint, to splodge and splatter on the pages.

Once the background of each page was complete, we typed up a list of his favourite activities on some vintage notebook paper, numbered 1-10.

Each of the 10 items was then trimmed roughly and stapled to the page.

To make sure we had some continuity throughout the book, we punched out some circles and layered them with some Haunted Hallows gems and placed one on each page.

We both love the finished book and it will be a great way to remember what Lewis enjoyed at this age, when he is older. Although, to be honest, I think he enjoyed splattering paint more than all of the Halloween activities put together!


  1. Super Cute Amanda!! Love the painting Lewis did on it!! Spooktacular!!

  2. this is great! that you both got involved...TOGETHER! I like the fact that all the pages were not the same size....I should have already known that...but I did

  3. Love it Amanda...tell Lewis great job! :)

  4. Awesome book, Amanda! I love that you made it together :). What a treasure :).


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