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Notations 12x12 : Colette Nederhoff - Mixed Media Project with Notations - "Make a Wish"

Colette has a wonderful Mixed Media side that always makes me want to grab my canvas and get creating. Here is a canvas that she created using the Notations 12x12 line from Teresa Collins!

Take it away Colette!

Notations 12x12 "Make a Wish"
by: Colette Nederhoff


I think this Notations paper reminds me so much of wedding cake-- so I decided to make a cake-- which ended up more for a Birthday!! Also a side note-- I love whimsical, so if the cake looks like it is not straight  and it is tipping over-- it is!  Such a fun project

The canvas has a rough finish plus the
glitter and punchinello accents make it
dimensional.  Not easy to capture a good photo of that.

Notations Make a Wish
designed by Colette Nederhoff (
featuring: Teresa Collins Notations


11 X 14” artists Canvas
Notations 12X12 papers:  Rulers, Calendar, Flourish and Alphabet
Acrylic Paints:  Folkart Wicker White, Portrait Light, and Ivory
Paint brush
Black Stazon Ink
Antique Book Paper
Mod Podge
Spun Sugar Stickles by Ranger
Blingage: Donna’s Gems, Paisley’s Flower
Teresa Collins stamp maker Stamp  (design included with machine)
Large Scallop Scissors


1.  Start by painting the canvas with the acrylic paints.  I blended the 3 colors to create a
    a creamy - soft background with a tinge of pink.  I also brushed some stickles Spun
   Sugar glitter in some areas.  I used the Punchinello to add dimension by making some
    spots with ivory and also some spun sugar glitter spots.  Let all dry.
2.  Use the 3 papers to cut the cake layers.  The biggest one is using Flourish and it
    measures 4 ½ tall by 8 ¾ inches wide.  I love using the scallop border at the top
    to make it a part of the cake.  
     The next layer up is the other side of the Calendar paper.  It measures: 4” X 6”.
      The top layer is the other side of the ruler paper.  Measuring:  2 ½ X 4 ½ “
       Blacken the edges of all these papers with Stazon.  
3.  Cut Antique book paper into 1 ½ inch wide strips.    Cut the bottom edge with the
     Large scallop decorative scissors.  Place on top edge of the 2 top cake layers and
     measure to fit.  Round the corners of top edges.  Blacken along top edge.  
 4.  After all cake pieces and borders are cut out, lay these pieces on canvas and Mod
    Podge down.  Put a nice layer of Mod Podge over the entire cake and make sure it  is
    all smooth and flat.  This will seal it nicely.  

5.  Stamp the flourish stamp in the bottom corners of the cake to make it look like
    it has a stand.  
6.  Cut out the Word W I S H  out of the Alphabet paper.  Cut them down a little bit to
    fit the space.   Blacken the edges with Stazon ink.  Mod Podge these in place and cover to seal.   
7.  Use the Stickles Spun Sugar Pink Glitter to highlight the designs.  It can be added to
      your liking -- following the edges of the scallops, and the design in the paper.  I
     highlighted the bottom circle in the center and also the flourishes.    LET DRY!!!!
8.  When all the Mod Podge and glitter are dry, I used a Black Paint marker (fine)
     to draw over all the layers.  This really made them pop.  I also added a few free-
     form lines to make it whimsical around each cake piece.  
9.   I added the gem borders of Donna’s gems to the top 2 layers of cake.  There will
    be remaining gems to cut apart and use to highlight more places of your choosing.
10.   Take the bottom 2 layers of the Paisley’s flower apart from the top 2.   I felt the
       flower was to large, so I only used the top 2.  I glittered  those top 2 with the gem                    inside    and glued it to the top right hand part of the top  layer of cake.  
11. Lastly, I added the words “make a .  .  .   “ at the top left corner of the cake.

Side note:   I like things kind of whimsical, so I did not  make this cake perfectly straight.  

 I thought the center layer looked cuter when slightly tipped.   


Thank you Colette!  If you would like to see more creation by Colette stop by her blog at:

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Have a great week!


  1. This is beautiful, Colette! Those papers make a great cake. Very creative!

  2. Super Cute Colette! Love that creativity of yours, such a great idea!

  3. As always.... Colette rocks my paper craft world!


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