Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teresa Collins Design Team - Getting to know Sesil Cratin

We are so excited for you to get to know Sesil. She is the Design Team Leader, she handles all of the girls' questions and CHEERS them all on! She is AMAZING and so are her designs.

We asked our Design Team members a couple of questions. This is what Sesil had to say.
Sesil Cratin

What is your scrapbook style?
My style is a mix of classic with a little collage element. I really like to try different things and styles but I tend to stick with my classic graphical style.

How did you start scrapbooking?
I attended a Creative Memories party at my friend’s house soon after I got married. I immediately fell in love and have not stopped ever since that party.

What influences your designs?
I get inspiration with the items I see in everyday life my kids, my family, nature, and even with the events that are happening in my life. Everywhere I look. I can find inspiration.

How long do you spend on a layout?
Yeah…it could take me days!! to complete a layout.  I have to limit myself to only work on a page for 2 hours or I would never be completed with my layout. Ask my friends, I attend weekend retreats and only get 3 pages done.  Yeah. I am slow.  But if I am working on a deadline I can whip one out in an hour. (most of the time)

What does your work area look like while you are working on a project?
My work area is A TOTAL DISASTER!! My studio starts off clean but by the end of my project, paper is everywhere. The trash can is on its side, pens and scissors hidden under the paper or on the floor.  I have multiples of many different tools because I tend to lose them during the creating process. My kids know to stay out of mommy's room.I do clean everything up after ever project. (remember this could be days.)

What is your favorite color combination?
Black, Red and CREAM - My favorite color is RED. I tend to gravitate towards red and cream. My wedding was White and black with Red Roses.

Do you have any other hobbies?
I try to have other hobbies but I tend to lose interest in them quickly.  But for some reason I never get tired of scrapbooking. Crazy!! I do know how to play the piano.


Check out some layouts that Sesil has created:
Caroline - Dodgers

Designed by: Sesil Cratin (
Featuring: Teresa Collins Designs – Sports Edition II, Blingage (
Photo Credit: Krista Austin Photography, Chicago, IL (

Teresa Collins Sports Edition II: Blue Numbers (Reverse) – 2 sheets
Teresa Collins Sports Edition II: Red Stars
Teresa Collins Sports Edition II: Shields (Reverse)
Teresa Collins Sports Edition II:  Chipboard
Teresa Collins Sports Edition II: Tags
Teresa Collins Sports Edition II: Circle Tags
Teresa Collins Blingage: Ty’s Stars
Other supplies: Black Cardstock, Brown Ink, Therm-o-web Super Tape,  Therm O Web 3d Foam Squares, Therm O Web Zots

Preparing your page components:
1.       Cut and ink the following pieces from your papers:
·         Blue Numbers (Reverse) 11” x 11” and enough to mat your photo
·         Shields (reverse) 8x10
·         Black Cardstock – border punch a 2x10 strip
·         Red Stars – one column of red stars to 10 “
·         From Tags paper – “respect all Fear none” & “No pain, no gain”
·         From Circle Tags – “Sportsmanship”

1.       Using the black cardstock as your base, adhere the blue numbers (reverse) paper to the cardstock.
2.       Attach the Red Star paper strip to your black boarder strip and add it to the layout.
3.       Attach the Shields paper to the layout.
4.       Mat your photo with the blue numbers paper, and set aside.
5.       Place the three chipboard and circle tag to the top right hand of the layout.
6.       Attach “no Pain, no gain” to layout.
7.       Attach your photo to the layout.
8.       Attach “respect all Fear None” tag using Foam Squares.
9.       Attach 3 Ty’s Stars to the bottom left side of the picture.


Here is another layout and a couple of detail pictures of Sesil's work.

Thank you Sesil for sharing your amazing layouts and techniques!

Please take a moment to get to know Sesil better by also viewing her blog. {HERE}


  1. Wow! Awesome layouts! You're such an amazing lady and I sure don't know how you keep organized. Great job on being our leader! So happy to have met you at CHA and to speak to you over the phone.

  2. Sesil - I'd love to bottle your energy. YOU do so many things and do them WELL! Great to work with you and you are so great to share all your wisdom. You are a lady with not only Brains, but such amazing creative talents!

  3. You are awesome Sesil! :)

  4. Love Sesil so much! She's a superstar! Thanks for keeping us in line ;)

  5. love these layouts so much! You are am amazing leader and I feel lucky to get to be a part of it all!

  6. You are so talented Sesil!!! Love your pages and love what an amazing leader you are!!!!

  7. Love the layouts!!! You are awesome and I love that you are our leader!!! Thanks for being there for us and keeping us straight, wink. Hugs and it was so nice to get to know you a little bit better!


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