Monday, August 25, 2014

30 minutes or less - DIY winter wreath by Cheri Piles

As you know I typically make a 'few' wreaths a year, lol!! Anywhoo... I wanted to try out these new flat wreath bases I found at a local craft store. They are pretty fun!! I picked up a medium and a small and thought about how I could make it work with the new collection Tinsel and Co

I've been doing so many Christmas decor items lately I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit and focus on WINTER so I used two sheets of the stars paper. So first in order to time it under 30 minutes - quickly run outside and spray the two bases and star ornament white, add some clear or white glitter to the smaller wreath then set all three pieces in the hot sun and run on back inside and cut 8 strips 1 1/2" and 8 strips 1 1/4", then cut each strip 6" in length for a total of 16 strips each.  

What makes this such a QUICK and easy project is using the TC stapler from Xyron to connect your paper chain together. 

Ok, so I always to things the loooong way... and yes still managed to finished under 30 minutes! I stapled all of my wider pieces first then stapled my smaller ones connecting them all together. I would have been quicker to staple every other strip onto each chain, doh! Once your pieces are dry - mine took about 5 minutes in our 90 heat wave we have going on here! I took some invisible thread and hung the small wreath to the center of the large base, glued my star wood ornament to the center of the small one. Tie your ribbon on and then I just hot glued the larger pieces onto the base.... well, I needed a little bling bling so I added stars from the sequins package to finish it off on the smaller wreath. And TIME, your done!!

I hope you are inspired to create a quick winter wreath for your home! ~Cheri

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