Monday, June 3, 2013

Far & Away travel mini book by Julie

Hi there!  I have another mini book to share with you.  This one is similar to the Arizona vacation book I did with subway art.  I actually did this one first though...using the Far & Away line.  I think I used almost everything!

I designed the cover in Photoshop. :)  This trip was when we drove our oldest out to college in Iowa last summer.  On the way home we stopped and visited Mt. Rushmore, fun.

Of course you have to stop in Mitchell, SD and visit the Corn Palace!

I included all different sizes of's fun to add smaller ones too.

Ian celebrated his 10th birthday at Mt. Rushmore. :)

Not too many kids can say they had their birthday root beer float & opened up gifts on the patio overlooking  the mountain.  Pretty amazing view.

This is the Yellowstone portion of the trip...complete with Old Faithful and buffalo.

I have the whole book on my blog today, if you'd like to see more. :)


  1. Julie, your book is amazing, so super fun!!

  2. Oh my!!!! I'm totally loving this mini album Julie!!


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