Friday, September 28, 2012

Featured Fan Friday!

I know I say this a lot...but seriously, another month has FLOWN by!  
I am convinced that the older I get, the faster time goes by.
And my kids just roll their eyes, because only 'old' people talk like that. :)
They'll get it someday...and then I won't seem so weird.  ha!

SO.  Since September is almost's time for another Featured Fan Friday!
Thank you to everyone who submitted projects...I am excited to share with you, the amazingly talented Evgenia Petzer!  

You may know, from my post the other day, how I feel about making cards.
Well, this girl ROCKS them! ;)
Check out her beautiful cards:

I love what she did with Everyday Moments.  (Love those blues!)

and this one...

Isn't it gorgeous?  I have card envy.

My name is Evgenia Petzer, i am 28 years old and currently we live in South Africa, but i am from Russia initially.
We moved to South Africa about 2 years ago and I love it here so much, I have a son, that is turning 4 years old. So my layouts are most about him, while my cards are mainly more feminine. I am blessed to live in a wonderful country, that lots of people dream to visit and enjoying every moment spent here.
SCrapbooking is my passion, or may be even way of life:) I scrap almost every single day and really enjoy it.
I am proud do design for some manufactures and OUAS blog. 

If you'd like to see more of Evgenia's amazing's her blog.
Yes, it's in Russian!  Just use the easy-peasy Google Translator.  Unless of course, you speak Russian.  Mine is a little rusty.  Left over from my nurse days, I can ask if you're having contractions in Russian.  And I can say 'I only speak a little...and not very well.'  But that's it.
Have a lovely Friday...and thank you so much Evgenia...for sharing your work with us!

Don't forget, you can always show us your projects on the Teresa Collins Designs Facebook page...or on the next Featured Fan Friday link post! :)


  1. thank you so much for featuring me:)

    have a great weekend everyone:)

  2. Beautiful projects! Congratulations Evgenia!

  3. I love your card designs. Soooo pretty

  4. Gorgeous cards, Evgenia! You do such beautiful work.

  5. wow, totally amazing...congrats Evgenia...well deserved!


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